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    Quickly upload your files and start asking questions — no setup friction, no engineering support, no hassle. Easily search multiple PDFs at once or engage in online PDF chat without the need to download. It's that simple.

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    Dive into the depth of data just by chatting with an AI. Paperchat's extended file support transforms your work landscape. Excel in diverse projects, extracting valuable insights from a variety of file formats effortlessly with ai powered integrations.

    Elevate Your Work, Beyond Boundaries

    Experience excellence without limitations. Paperchat's feature-rich environment propels you to excel at every task. Seamless document handling and flexible AI-driven conversations. Unlock new dimensions in your work, making success a seamless journey.

    "Paperchat is super intuitive and easy-to-use. You can read hundreds of pages in minutes."

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    Transforming Professional Work Across Industries

    For Studentes & Teachers

    School Institutions

    Streamline the process of extracting and comprehending data from courseworks.

    For Researchers

    For Researchers

    Facilitate seamless article research and helping understand complex concepts.

    For Lawyers

    For Lawyers

    Optimizing the analysis of legal documents for faster insights along with text refferences.

    For Customer Support

    Customer Support

    Delivering swift support insights for enhanced customer service.

    For Real Estate

    Real Estate

    Expediting the analysis of real estate contracts and market data.

    Prioritizing customer satisfaction
    drives outstanding results.



    Multiple file types supported. The platforms currently supports some of the most popular and most used document types, like PDFs, DOCs, PPTs, TXT and MARKDOWN files. CSV, XLS, EPUBs are coming soon.



    10x your productivity with Paperchat. Being productive is all about being organized and efficient. Experience remarkable speed and efficiency, significantly reducing your workload and saving you valuable time.



    More than 40 languages supported. PaperChat offers comprehensive language support, empowering it to understand files and messages in various languages.


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    Flexible prices for teams of all sizes

    Whether you are just trying out our service or need more, we have got you covered. Choose an affordable plan that’s packed with the best features for you or your organization


    Perfect for small projects — get the essentials to do your best work.


    • .pdf, .txt, .md files supported

    • 2 documents per month

    • 10 pages per PDF

    • 8MB file size limit

    • Unlimited conversations


    Scale up seamlessly with our plan designed for growing projects.


    • .pdf, .txt, .md files supported

    • 5 documents per month

    • 25 pages per PDF

    • 32MB file size limit

    • Unlimited conversations

    • Priority support


    Tailored for larger projects with higher needs.


    • .pdf, .txt, .md files supported

    • 30 documents per month

    • 200 pages per PDF

    • 128MB file size limit

    • Unlimited conversations

    • Priority support

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    Questions Answers.


    Is PaperChat a free service?

    Yes, PaperChat offers a complimentary plan. Upon registration, you gain access to our array of features; however, there are certain usage limitations.

    For users with more extensive requirements, we recommend exploring our pricing page. There, you can opt to upgrade your plan, unlocking premium features tailored to better suit your needs.

    What languages are supported by PaperChat?

    PaperChat supports over 20 languages, including English, German, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and Dutch.

    If I cancel my subscription, what happens to my account?

    Your account will retain access to premium features until the end of your subscription period. Following that, your account will be transitioned to our Free plan.

    How does PaperChat handle document security?

    PaperChat takes document security seriously. We employ advanced encryption protocols to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your uploaded documents. Our servers are hosted in secure data centers, and we follow industry best practices to protect your data from unauthorized access.

    Can I integrate PaperChat with other third party applications?

    No, PaperChat currently does not offer integration with popular third-party applications and services.

    What types of documents does PaperChat support?

    PaperChat supports currently supports PDFs documents. We are working on integrating other document types, Word documents, plain text files, CSV and XLS files, PowerPoint presentations, and more.